Thursday, February 12, 2009

as you wish erica!(3rd feb)...


dont be mad wahai sang HUTAN!!


this is my 3rd celebration..

with THE STORE frens...

but not all..

thanks 2 erica,erica fren,ijat,marina

fitri,ah hui,poh kong guy n my good fren,eddy..

but sorry 2 siput(pipah),syafiq,apip n all

fren..couldn`t mention ur name..

too many!!

sorry frens~

the story start 2 begin like this...

1 evening...

while i m watching tv..

i got phone call from ijat...

then,she ask me 2 come work early..

so i fetch eddy with me...

then we went 2 the kfc...

i saw all of em eating...

i didn`t expect anything...


i saw erica brought out a cake!!


i feel so compassion...

ye la...

kawan x sampai sebulan diorg dah beli cake la...

celeb8 besday a...

terharu la pon...

then they ask me 2 potong da cake..

but b4 that ..

erica n ah hui sing besday song in chinese...

in mandarin,cantonese...

after that my malay fren sing the frequent besday song...

its really meant a lot 2 me...

thanks fren...

erica,ah hui,n erica`s fren ask me to take off

the little candle from the cake by mouth!

they bulling me!


but i dont care..


then we ate the cake just after i potong it...

we make it fast bcoz...

the time already 5.45...

we all need to punch the card on 6.00...

after ate the cake..

we had take sum photo for our memory..

thanks all fren!!

i hope we cn gather like that again but wit



azreen n all la senang citer...

kay thats all 4 2day..

i want 2 take bath...

bcoz i have 2 go 2 work after this..


Tuesday, February 3, 2009

2nd february?

it is the day that i love the most!!!

i ll story 2 all of u step by step...

1 feb 2009-10.15 p.m

lpas je aku punch card,

aku terus on hp aku dimana sebelum itu

aku off sbb takut kantoi dek HR...


then aku pun trun tangga~

aku trun2 jep,

aku trus g kat kete kwn aku...

syafiq(traffic,suai ke)..

just nk amik sweater..

tp die pnye adik yg pompuan 2..


careful wit syafiq`s sister..

she may hit u wik her right hand!!

confirm u wil feel the pain!!


then i went to my father`s toyota innova...

i saw a box beside me..

n i know it is my besday cake!!

but i pretend that i dont know nothing..


then we took my brother at barber shop..

after that..

we went 2 the juvita..

u know?

juvita is a seafood restaurant..

we order..

ikan 3 rasa,sotong goreng tepung,cendawan goreng,

telur bistik,kerang rebus 1 kilo,yom yam campur,

sayur n nasi putih..

our drinks pula..

carrot susu(ayah),fresh orange(angah),

watermelon juice(along n ijul),barli kurang manis(mama)


apple juice(me!)


its my fav drink..

apple juice...

then we eat until 11.45 p.m..


sumpah kenyang!!!


when we reach home..

we potong the cake..

it is chocolate cake!!!!


i love it!!!!!

then my mama n ayah only eat the cake..


my siblings all dah kenyang..


thats all 4 1 feb 2009...

2 feb 2009...

i woke up at 8.00 a.m..

then i took my bath..

then i wore the DISCODISCODISCODISCO shirt..


nk tengok?

nnti aku tunjuk..

dlm kul 9.30 syafiq send me 2 bus station..

on 9.45 i m in the bus..

while waiting the bus 2 move,

i listen 2 songs at my phone...

then 0n 10.15 the bus started 2 move..

1 reached JJ bukit tinggi at 10.45 maybe...

then go to arena 4 breakfast!!

lapa lorh!!

then i`ve wait sum1 special...

about 30 min she came...

then we go 2 the panggung wayang..

we bought inkhart tickets..

the movie start on 12.20 but on my watch..

the needle shows 11.40..


about 40 min!!

what should we do?

then we went to popular bookstore..

reading books..

when the time reached 12.20..

we went to the movie..

4 ur information..

inkheart is abolutely sucks!!

trailer je best..

then we went 2 pizza..

lapar meyh..

sbb nasi lemak yg pg tadi 2 x sedap!!!

after eat..

my beloved girl has 2 go back...

then i went home by 5.30..

althought it looks like nothing special

but 4 me..

the thing thats make me happy is

she made cakes 4 me..

the cakes is as big as muffin..

she made it 4 for me..

i really appreciate that syg!!

mmuuaahh 4 u!!


hope next year BIRTHDAY is much more fun than this year..

thank you syg n friends!!